How It Works - Adult 6HR Online Driver's Ed.

Get your Texas driver’s license quickly and easily with our Online 6 Hour Adult Drivers Education course. Here’s how it works in 5 easy steps!


STEP 1: Sign up for the Cruise Control Adult 6HR Online Course

  • If you’re 18-24 years old, Texas requires you to take an adult drivers ed course before getting your license. Our 6-hour online course gives you the flexibility to study when and where you want.
  • If you’re 25 or older, a drivers ed course is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. If you haven’t taken a course, you’ll need to pass a written exam at the DPS. Our course lets you take that test online, saving you a trip to the DPS.


STEP 2: Receive your completion certificate

  • After completing the course, pass the final exam on road signs and rules. You will need to pass the exam with a score of at least 70%.
  • If you fail the exam, you can retake it as many times as you need to BUT you can only take it once per day.
  • Passing this exam means you won’t have to retake the written exam at the DPS!


STEP 3: Complete the Impact Texas Adult Drivers Program (ITAD)

  • Watch a free one-hour video on the dangers of distracted driving through the ITAD program.
  • After completion, you’ll receive a certificate to bring with you to the DPS.


STEP 4: Get a Learners Permit (optional)

  • Make an appointment at a DPS office and bring your course completion certificate along with all the other necessary documents (We’ll walk you through this and give you a checklist to follow at the end of the online course).
  • Adults aren’t required to take driving lessons, but if you want practice before the road test, get a learners permit.
  • When you get an Adult Learner’s Permit you can then practice with a local driving school or someone over 21 with a valid Texas license.


STEP 5: Pass your DPS Driving Test and Get your License!

  • Schedule a driving test at a local DPS office or if you opted to get an Adult Learner Permit, you can take your road test at a driving school near you that is authorized to offer the DPS road test.
  • If you’re 18-24, present your drivers ed and ITAD completion certificates before the driving test.
  • If you’re 25 or older and haven’t taken a drivers ed course, you must pass a written exam at the DPS.
  • You’ll also need to pass a vision test, regardless of age. Remember to wear glasses or contacts if needed.
  • Once you pass the driving test, congratulations! You’re officially a licensed Texas driver.

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