How It Works - 32HR Teen Online Driver's Ed.

Get your Texas driver’s license quickly and easily with our Online Parent Taught 32 Hour Teen Drivers Education course. Here’s how it works in 7 easy steps!


STEP 1: Register your parent/guardian as your instructor with TDLR:

  • Your parent, stepparent, grandparent, step-grandparent, foster parent, or legal guardian can be your instructor.
  • They must have a valid Texas driver’s license for the last three years.
  • Their driving record should have fewer than 6 points and no convictions of certain offenses.
  • Request the Parent Taught Program Guide from the TDLR website and pay $20.

You can register with TDLR as a parent taught instructor and student here.


STEP 2: Enroll in and start the Cruise Control 32 HR Parent Taught Driver’s Education Course

  • After completing the first 6 hours of the course, you’ll receive a 6-hour permit qualification certificate instantly.


STEP 3: Get your learner permit!

  • Visit your local DPS office for a vision test and get your learner’s license.
  • Bring required documents, including the 6-hour permit qualification certificate.


STEP 4: Continue the parent-taught drivers ed course and begin behind-the-wheel instruction:

  • Complete a total of 44 hours of documented behind-the-wheel training, with 10 hours at night.
  • This includes 14 hours of diving instruction & observation. 7 of these hours will be driving lessons and 7 hours will be observing the driving instruction. Our online course will walk the parent and the student through how to complete these hours. Alternatively, you can do these 14 hours with a driving school.
  • In addition to the 14 hours of behind the wheel instruction/observation, you will also need to complete and log 30 hours of practice driving. 10 of these hours should be done at night.
  • After completing the 14 hours and the 30 hours of driving and logged them on your log sheets (provided in online course), you will have completed the 44 hours driving portion of your driver’s education.


STEP 5: Finish your Cruise Control Online Drivers Ed Course:

  • The course consists of 12 modules that must all be completed.
  • After the twelfth module you will need to pass the final exam to receive a certificate of completion.


STEP 6: Complete the Impact Texas Teen Driving (ITTD) Course:


STEP 7: Take your driving exam at the DPS or an authorized driving school:

  • Hold your learner license for at least 6 months and be at least 16 years old.
  • Bring required documents, including your learner permit, driver’s ed. online course completion certificate, and IMPACT certificate.
  • We’ll provide you with a checklist and in-depth guide at the end of the online course.
  • Schedule your driving test with your local DPS or 3rd Party Authorized Driving School.


After passing the driving test at your local DPS or driving school, you’ll be done and ready to get your provisional Texas driver’s license.


If you took your exam at the DPS you can get your license there on the same day. If you take your driving exam at a local driving exam, you will then need to head over to the DPS to obtain your license.

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