Parent Taught – Behind The Wheel ONLY


Our Parent Taught – Behind The Wheel *ONLY* course is designed for students who have already acquired their learner permit and have completed the 32-hour theory portion of driver education. (Whether in high school, at a driving school, or online.)

Complete your 14 hours of driving lessons at home with a parent/guardian instead of a certified driving instructor. (7 hours of behind-the-wheel driving and 7 hours of behind-the-wheel observation)

This program was created to help parents and students complete the Behind The Wheel portion of their training at home and without needing to visit a driving school. This guide will help introduce parents to driving instruction and assist them in teaching new drivers how to learn safely and correctly. While driving becomes second nature to adults, some required tasks and maneuvers can be completely foreign to an untrained driver. Our guide will help to refresh parent’s memory and ensure that they are capable of teaching their students the proper driving techniques.





If you would like to transfer your Behind-The-Wheel portion of driver education in order to complete it with your parent or guardian, this is the course for you!

We created this course for people who have already completed their 32 hours of driving theory, also known as the classroom portion. Students may have completed the 32 hours of theory at their high school, a driving school, or somewhere online.  

We make it simple by providing guides that can be printed or accessed from any device at any time. After purchase, you will receive access to ALL of our behind the wheel training guides. When you complete your 14 hours of driving lessons and submit the hours into our system, your completion certificate will be automatically generated and ready to download within seconds!

If you have any questions about this course, or need help figuring out if it is the product you need in order to complete your driver education, please feel free to give us a call at 832-299-5698.




  • How To Log 14 Hours Guide
    This guide explains in detail how to complete the 14 hours of driving instruction and observation at home. This guide will walk you through completing and logging your 7 hours of driving instruction and 7 hours of driving observation.
  • Parent Instructors Guide
    This guide walks parent instructors through all 7 driving lessons (14 hours total) and covers what, how, when, and where to teach the subject of driver’s education.
  • TDLR 30 Hour Log Sheet & Guide
    The TDLR required 30 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel-Practice-Driving must be completed before the student is eligible for their provisional license.